Ian Richardson Featured in ChannelPro Network

Ian Richardson

Written by Ian Richardson

May 13, 2024

Ian Richardson Featured in ChannelPro Network

Ian Richardson, Founder and Managing Partner of Fox and Crow Group was featured in ChannelPro Network this week in their ChannelWise “Ask the Expert” series.

ChannelWise is a platform that allows MSPs to book time with an expert in order to “pick their brains” about an issue.

About Ian Richardson

Ian owned his MSP, Doberman Technologies, for over 20 years prior to exiting successfully in 2021.  Doberman was a nationally recognized MSP, a regional award-winning business in Michigan, and an Inc5000 company.

After selling Doberman Technologies, Ian Richardson joined Managed Sales Pros as a fractional CEO to facilitate the preparation and sale of one of the best known managed IT lead generation companies in the channel.  Ian worked with Managed Sales Pros founder Carrie Simpson (now Richardson – imagine that?) and the identified buyer, Sierra Chase and Next Level Services, US. That transaction was completed in 2022.

Post transaction, Ian formed Richardson & Richardson consulting with his partner and wife, Carrie Richardson.  While Richardson & Richardson provided consulting for businesses of all kinds, Ian was drawn back to the space where he felt he could make the biggest impact, and Fox and Crow Group was built to serve the needs of technology business owners in the I.T. channel who are looking to scale and sell their businesses by installing and maintaining a defined strategic operating system.  Fox and Crow group also offers process-driven go-to-market planning, fractional leadership and coaching.

Ian’s primary goal is to help CEOs enjoy the rewards of their hard work.  He works with business owners to create the next generation of leaders in a business – allowing the owners to step out of the owner-operator role.  The owner is then free to enjoy the revenue their MSP produces, or transact with a buyer of their choice and leave the business as they’ve already shown that the MSP does not require them to operate or generate a profit.  If you’re interested in selling your MSP in the next five years, Fox and Crow can help you build your best exit strategy.

You can book a free call with Ian Richardson on ChannelWise here.

In Ian’s ChannelPro article he discusses the challenges faced by mid-sized MSPs that their smaller counterparts aren’t yet experiencing.

The issues Ian reviews include:

  1. Leadership Challenges
  2. Communication Issues
  3. Process Deficits

You can read the article entitled “What Problems Will Our MSP Face as We Grow?” here!

Ian Richardson Will Be Speaking At Channel Pro Live

Charlotte,NC – September 9 and 10, 2024

Dallas, TX – October 9 and 10, 2024

Los Angeles – November 11 and 12, 2024

You can register for any of these events here.

If you use the registration code “RICHARDSON”,  the event will be free, and as a bonus, the editorial team at ChannelPro Magazine will reach out to schedule an interview with you in order to profile your MSP in their online publication!  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for earned media!

Here’s an example of a profile of one of the MSPs profiled by using our code!

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Interested in Learning How Fox & Crow Can Help Your MSP Scale?

You can get on Ian’s calendar here.

Ian’s not the only one featured in ChannelPro Magazine!

Check out Carrie Richardson’s article on Choosing a CRM for your MSP.

You can also read her “Ask the Expert” article on Marketing MSP Services Nationally Instead of Locally

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