Effective Communication

Effective Communicate in your MSP is important

Written by Ian Richardson

October 2, 2023

Effective Communication

By Ian Richardson, Principal Consultant, Fox & Crow Group

Inspired by Thursday Process with guest Emily Glass, CEO of Syncro

Effective Communication

One of the biggest roadblocks at my old MSP was communication. Upset client relationships rarely stemmed from us doing “bad work.” My team had the right skills. Our processes were well-defined. We had technical knowledge to deliver a secure, reliable, accessible network experience.

The way we would fail would always end up stemming from a lack of effective communication.

When it came to my team and people not performing as expected, the same root cause would occur. I, or the leaders I had delegated to, failed to communicate key concepts.

The importance of process and adherence. Where our company was going and what it meant to the team. How people were succeeding, and where they should focus their improvement efforts.

This lack of understanding created tension that was avoidable pain. It ended being one of the biggest lessons I’ve taken away from my time leading that organization.

Why Consistency Creates Effective Communication

I had the opportunity to sit down with Emily Glass, CEO of Syncro. Syncro is a MSP focused RMM and PSA software company. Emily had a great piece of focused knowledge she shared during our conversation.

She mentioned that for the leader, communication SHOULD feel repetitive. You’re going to be saying the same words over and again across many mediums.

She also said you must remember that your team might be “hearing” the words for the first time.  It might because they’re brand new. It might because it is now registering with them. Regardless of the reason, it is key to making sure you keep your eye focused on what matters.

I’ve been in business for 20 years. A core belief I have is that above all other areas, a CEO’s first job is “communicator in chief” for an organization.

Both to clients and the community at large, as well as for the people who make up the team. The CEO must lead the charge on communication.

 Final Thoughts on Effective Communication

I had the pleasure to sit down with Dr Larry Little, one of the world’s experts on communication, a few times over 2022. We spoke our MSP Exits series available here.  Larry also appeared  on WIN, and I had the privilege of appearing on his Podcast, Crossing the Line).

Larry’s team at Eagle Center for Leadership have developed  “Making a Difference.”

MAD makes effective communication approachable and easy to understand for all involved.

I’m happy to announce that I have pursued and accepted as a certified facilitator of this program.

Feel free to grab a slot on my calendar link below if you’d like to chat about it more.


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