MSP Social Media Marketing

MSP Social Media Marketing can deliver 7 figure pipeline for your MSP! Learn how!

Written by Ian Richardson

May 6, 2024

MSP Social Media Marketing

By Ian Richardson, Principal Consultant & Managing Partner, Fox & Crow Group LLC

I don’t like social media. I don’t have a Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any of those networks.

I think social media is a big waste of time. Chasing likes and fake connections.


I think it is necessary for MSP owners.

I think you must lean into it. Use it. Practice and excel at it.

It’s for a simple reason too.

Social Media generates pipeline.

It generates a lot of pipeline! The reason why I can speak with confidence around that is our own story. I’ll share my journey around Fox & Crow. This is how we built out a 7-figure pipeline through social media opportunities. Let’s get started.

MSP Social Media Marketing Results

I started getting serious on social media in 2022. I had sold my MSP in December the year prior. Carrie and I had formed our first Consultant brand, Richardson & Richardson.

When we formed the firm, we decided to eat our own dog food. We hired a consultant to help us generate a brand. That work occured through talking about our problems, beliefs, & desires.

One of the results of that work was to capitalize on our personal identities.

See, Carrie & I had been active in the IT space for around a decade each. Carrie had a top-notch reputation in marketing and business development. I had built a reputation as a leader in the Managed Services space. We both were all around the country at shows. We were doing talk tracks and presentations. Fair to say, we were visible in the community.

Our consultant said “Look, you do this right, and you will create a movement. That’s how you’ll achieve your goals.”

So, I started posting. I didn’t see the point, but I did it. Monday through Friday. Every week. Overtime, I started researching on LinkedIn – our media platform of choice.

  • How can I get better at social media?
  • What are some time saving strategies?
  • How can I get faster at generating posts?
  • What will “hit home” with the audience?

Over time, I got faster, better, and more effective at writing. I started tracking basic metrics. I focused over time on topics and audiences. My reach grew, my network expanded, engagement went up. I started hearing the same phrase, over and again. In conversations, discovery calls, and side chats at shows.

“I love your social. You and Carrie are everywhere. It’s so good.”

I knew we were on the right track.

Fast forward to Q1, 2024, and we made a final tweak on messaging. We narrowed in on our primary customer. Then the dam broke.

Opportunities started to flood into my inbox. We had over $1M in pipeline crop up in 30 days. We closed 25% of it.

Not terrible!

Start MSP Social Media Marketing

This wasn’t an overnight success. If you did the math, it took 2 years for social media to start generating opportunities. That’s over 500 posts before the first deal flowed in.

It was also a similar number of hours invested. We’re not “even” yet on the investment. Not by a long shot.

But – it’s working.

I’d challenge you to learn from my mistakes. Do some research. Get trained on the proper techniques for social media & social selling. Start posting and building the habit. Grow your network. Define your audience.

You can have your own 7-figure pipeline.

If you’re interested in getting started, but want help, we’re here for you. We’ve got a social media training course based on our hard knocks over the past 2 years. Grab a spot on my calendar at to start the conversation.

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